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Flower-infused skincare naturally fragrance-free

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Herbs & Flowers gently infused in raw and unrefined oils.

In my Smallgarden Botanicals workshop, I use all aspects of my garden, whether drying rose petals, infusing herbs and flowers for my salves and balms, pressing and drying flowers throughout the year, and painting, drawing, and researching their medical properties. I create simple, traditional remedies to produce my range of nourishing, moisture-retaining skincare products.

The wealth of our plant knowledge; nutritional and medical, discovered and utilised over thousands of years, has largely been lost to us. Reconnecting to our ancestor’s plant wisdom we are becoming more aware of what our commercially made products contain.

The missing elements of touch and smell in our virtual age make my use of hand-picked petals and the natural aroma of the ingredients so elemental and uplifting. Raw and unrefined, I create considered skincare at its most potent and unadulterated.  All my products are formulated without fragrances or essential oils to protect from irritation or reaction and to keep your skin clean, soft, and moisturised.

Crafting simple, nourishing, fragrance-free soap and skincare

I use herbs and flowers for their medicinal, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities. I use charcoal, clays, and botanicals for colour,  silky skin feel and usefulness in drawing out impurities.

What you won’t find in my products are toxins, palm oil, harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances,  essential oils, colourants, bleaching or foaming agents, or preservatives.

With these combinations of natural colours, and botanicals, I can create almost endless designs, keeping the alchemical magic alive. Each of my hand-poured batches of soap have their own unique identity and each ingredient contains its own efficacy.