A Handmade Tale

It all starts in the garden.

The seed of inspiration beneath all that I do. It is in that which lies uncovered, the beauty that is uncurated. Creativity is found in the undergrowth.

An ambassador for creative living, for connection to nature, I believe in honesty and simplicity, in a skincare world of smoke and mirrors. In getting back to the beauty beyond the box. Not a factory fabrication but a hand-crafted love affair for authentic skincare- a signature that speaks of community and identity, reconnecting us to our senses and ourselves.

For me, it is less patriarchal and more personal, it's about living a life that is more visceral, that takes us back to the basics. The essence of nature, the wild beauty of how things are created with care. Rituals inspired by botanicals and the true wisdom that comes from plant work and becoming an awakened woman.

I'm Nicole - a crone, a creatrix, a maker and a matriarch. I have strong opinions but soft hands (that'll be the soap!). You'll find me in my workshop, in my kitchen around my cauldron or out in my garden where the work begins, with my feet in the soil and my hands in the herbs. Drawing, creating and forever learning from what nature has to share. I love to paint, to make, to mould, to play. I'm one part cynical, one part spiritual, I create stories that are stripped back and inspired, standing apart from the superficial world of cosmetics.

Combining poetry and apothecary, I'm passionate about authenticity and an artisan ethos. I'm unconventional and a little controversial, I believe in a beauty that isn't false or fabricated, not sugar coated or synthetic. It's traditional, time-honoured and a tale of times gone by. Pressing, extracting, making and shaping - bringing it full circle, reconnecting you to the elements. In the midst of the modern beauty myth, I want to add meaning. To be the Grandmother of Skincare with simplicity and soul. After all. the antidote to Big Pharma is the essence of Smallgarden.

It's time to cleanse.

Nicole x