We’ve got enough to do without having to wash our hair every day. I’m all about what’s quick, unless it’s fun. Amongst the many benefits attributed to solid shampoo bars, particularly those with natural clays and essential oils, is their action on overly greasy hair. In particular, cedarwood essential oil helps to cleanse and rebalance the natural oils in your hair, helping to combat fungal or bacterial infections. Using hair products that contain cedarwood oil can help improve your scalp’s condition, and maintain a healthy head of hair. It was an unexpected result to find that I needed to wash my hair less and I have gone from washing my hair every other day to just twice in a week. But feel free to wash your hair every day if you love that bouncy, soft, just washed feeling!

All the shampoo bars that I make have different essential oils and clays. Mix it up until you find the one that suits you best. Read more HERE