Herb & Flower Infused Soap

Smallgarden handmade artisan soaps are fragrance and essential oil-free. I use mineral-rich clays and botanicals to naturally colour and scent my soap. My soaps are made with 100% butters and oils, slow-infused herbs with the added qualities of charcoal and aloe vera.

The herb and flower soaps are free from essential oils, palm oil free, free from chemical ingredients containing no synthetic colours and fragrances. I use no plastic packaging. My zero-waste soaps are made individually, carefully and with love.

Handmade artisan soap is naturally antimicrobial. It has cleansing and surfactant qualities that are chemically damaging to microbes. They are non-drying and moisturising due to the super fatĀ  technique used in cold process soap, (a percentage of the soap bar remains as nourishing oil). Handmade soaps keep all of the glycerine they produce as a by-product, which in commercial bars is generally extracted and sold within the beauty industry. If you have not used handmade soap before you will be surprised at how soft and moisturised your skin will look and feel.

Handmade artisan soap and skincare has always been a pleasure to use and receive. Gift yourself and your family for any occasion with my simple, holistic, un-fragranced skincare range.

My range of products are vegan-friendly ( excluding my oat, goat and honey bar).

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