Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

These versatile solid shampoo and conditioner bars are certified vegan. They are not soap but a ph balanced concentrated shampoo/conditioner in solid form. There is no transition phase with these bars, they can be used straight away.

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars have so many benefits over liquid shampoo and conditioner. The bars are small but powerful and each one can take the place of approximately two 250ml plastic shampoo bottles, that’s a big benefit! It also makes them easy to transport and travel with as there is no liquid allowance or extra bulk or weight to consider.

Vegan solid shampoo/conditioner bars are long lasting and simple to use, just wet hair and lightly rub the bar on hair and scalp. With the shampoo, rinse and repeat and go carefully with the second application or you will end up with voluminous marshmallow lather!

The conditioner has no lather, just apply by stroking the bar along your fresh rinsed hair. With just a lightly applied silky smooth application you will feel your hair instantly smooth and detangle.

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